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Solar Traffic Signs

Construction arrow lights panel

上市日期: 2017-09-19

Led Solar Construction  Traffic Signs 1500*650MM(customized)

1)Solar panel:Can be customized

2) LED: 0.06watt Super bright visibility>800meters.

3) Controll mode: Light controll with 12hrs working or 24hrs working.     

4) Material: aluminum board +spray painting 

5) Work temperature: -25-+75 centigrade.

6) Protection level: IP65.

7) Work time: can work 72hrs after fully charged.

8) Other: also can be charged by DC 12V power.     

About Products:

Solar  traffic sign is a kind of traffic sign, which is composed of sign surface, sign bottom plate, solar panel, controller and light-emitting unit (LED).

It conveys warning, ban and indication information to drivers and pedestrians with words and patterns, so as to manage the safety facilities of road traffic. 

During the day, solar panel absorbs sunlight and convert it into electricity, which is stored in a storage device. 

At night, the energy in the storage device is automatically converted into light energy (controlled by a photoelectric switch), 

and LEDs emit bright light to outline patterns and communicate traffic information. 

It gives the road user with the exact road traffic information, makes the road safe and unimpeded, concerns the driver and the pedestrian's life and property safety,

is one kind of indispensable traffic safety ancillary facilities.

Solar traffic signs 600mm 800mm 900mm  customized


1.High Protect Level:Sealed by epoxy glue,IP65 certificate,highly dust proof and water proof.

2.High Durability:cast aluminum material ,can bear sand storm and rainstorm.

3.Best Energy Conversion Efficiency:Solar power mono crystalline silicon,change solar energy into electric energy with the best efficiency of 18%~20%.

4.Better Working Environment:anti high temperature li-on battery battery,can work under the condition -20oC~+70oC.

5.Long Distance Visibility:Super brightness Taiwan Epistar Chip LED light with 3M reflect film,visible for 1000 meters.

6.Long Life Time & Long Working Time: About 5 years lifespan,can work for more than 10 days after fully changed.Full change only need 2-3 days.

7.Intelligent Control System:It is automatically controlled by a mini controller,and LED will be light on when it become dark.Also there is a switch on the buttom, 

you can change the lighting mode for 12 or 24 hours.

8.Energy Saving & Environment protection:solar energy powered system,100% clean energy.

9.China Manufacture:ODM & OEM are acceptable.

Solar traffic signs 600mm 800mm 900mm  customized

Solar traffic signs 600mm 800mm 900mm  customized

Solar traffic signs 600mm 800mm 900mm  customized

Product Category
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