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Solar  Warning Lights

Magnet or screws Solar beacon warning lamp BT-SWL-502

上市日期: 2017-09-19

Magnet or screws solar beacon warning lamp light for the traffic cone,roadblock and other road safety

Material:Transparent polycarbonate,  body color: yellow & red

Battery:3.6V / 1200mAh li-ion battery 

LED:18pcs imported high brightness LED, LED color: yellow & red

Work time:8-10 days after 8 hours standard light intensity shine

Work mode:Revolving flash by light control 

Temperature:-25°C to +60°C

Lifetime:3-5 years


------Product features

1.High safety (low voltage, no electric shock, fire etc);

2.Less investment (one-time investment, long-term benefit), no need to pull the wire, no need to replace the bulb

3.Easy installation:

4.It can be turned on automatically in the evening (or rainy days) and turned off automatically at dawn ,can last over 10-15 days in the rain or cloudy days after charging fully in one day

5.It is resistant to impact, corrosion, typhoon, UV, aging and durability.

6.Long life, comprehensive life of 8-10 years and the battery is easy to replace

7. IP65 waterproof

Magnet or screws Solar beacon warning lamp  BT-SWL-502

Solar beacon warning lamp  BT-SWL-505

Product Category
  • Solar aviation warning lamp

    All in one solar panel (can be customized)

    Li-on battery can promise longer lifespan

    Flash or steady work mode 

    Can avoid the land of the bird and the snow

  • Solar Road Studs Dusk To Dawn Light

    Flash Or Steady Work Mode

    Over 20Ton loading

    Nimh Battery 1.2V 600mA

    Amazon Best Seller Choice

  • IP 68 waterproof wired plastic road wire studs with CE ROHS certification

    Plastic material with size 115*104*20mm

    12V-27V work voltage  

    LED color:Yellow / white / blue / red / green

  • Solar ground lights outdoor garden lighting.

    Aluminum material with IP67 waterproof

    2pcs High brightness leds

    Turns on at sunset and off at sunrise automatically

  • Solar pedestrian cross  signs 

    Solar speed limited  signs

    Solar contruction  signs 

    Solar arrow panel signs

    600mm 800mm 900mm etc size customized

  • Solar beacon warning lamps

    Magnet or screws intall for your choice 

    Lithium battery can promise over 5 years lifespan

    Button on/off and easy to install

    Flash or steady work mode 

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