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Solar  Warning Lights

Sunbonar LED Solar powered led obstruction light

上市日期: 2017-09-19

LED Solar powered led obstruction waterproof IP68 aviation flashing warning light

  • Model NO.:BT-SWL-518

  • Solar panel :6V 2W 

  • Battery :3.2V 3.6AH

  • Long life span

  • Easy to intall with 3 screws

  • Working time : over 40 hrs 

  • Material:PC+ABS base

  • Waterproof:IP68

This product is a new high-tech solar warning light products, which has green, safe, good-craft with wireless installation ,widely used in marine navigation, inland waterway buoy, fixed light pile, marine aquaculture, marine buoy, offshore bridge, offshore oil field derrick signal light and airport surrounding facilities sign light, etc.

it is not only the sign light of aviation obstacles at night, but also plays the role of decorating the night landscape.

In the daytime, when the sunlight shines on the surface of the lamp, the aviation light generates electric energy and charges the energy storage element. At night or rainy days, the lamp starts automatically to light up the light.

Sunbonar LED Solar powered led obstruction light

------Product features

1.High safety (low voltage, no electric shock, fire etc);

2.Less investment (one-time investment, long-term benefit), no need to pull the wire, no need to replace the bulb

3.Easy installation:

Install it with only 3 screws ,no need to string ,embed and dig the holes )

4.It can be turned on automatically in the evening (or rainy days) and turned off automatically at dawn ,can last over 10-15 days in the rain or cloudy days after charging fully in one day

5.It is resistant to impact, corrosion, typhoon, UV, aging and durability.

6.Long life, comprehensive life of 8-10 years and the battery is easy to replace

7. IP68 waterproof

8.This design can not only protect the solar panels, but also avoid the landing of birds and snow.

9.Light weight, net weight is about 0.9kg.

Dual color Multi-Function   Solar Light

Sunbonar LED Solar powered led obstruction light

Sunbonar LED Solar powered led obstruction light

Product Category
  • Solar aviation warning lamp

    All in one solar panel (can be customized)

    Li-on battery can promise longer lifespan

    Flash or steady work mode 

    Can avoid the land of the bird and the snow

  • Solar Road Studs Dusk To Dawn Light

    Flash Or Steady Work Mode

    Over 20Ton loading

    Nimh Battery 1.2V 600mA

    Amazon Best Seller Choice

  • IP 68 waterproof wired plastic road wire studs with CE ROHS certification

    Plastic material with size 115*104*20mm

    12V-27V work voltage  

    LED color:Yellow / white / blue / red / green

  • Solar ground lights outdoor garden lighting.

    Aluminum material with IP67 waterproof

    2pcs High brightness leds

    Turns on at sunset and off at sunrise automatically

  • Solar pedestrian cross  signs 

    Solar speed limited  signs

    Solar contruction  signs 

    Solar arrow panel signs

    600mm 800mm 900mm etc size customized

  • Solar beacon warning lamps

    Magnet or screws intall for your choice 

    Lithium battery can promise over 5 years lifespan

    Button on/off and easy to install

    Flash or steady work mode 

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